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Do you want to learn about Greece? Then come to Sicily. The Ionian cities of Sicily were among the most beautiful of the Hellenistic world. You can learn as well about other historical periods from the Spanish and the French occupation to the Arab era, which left little evidence of significance.

Villas and Hotels in Sicily

Villa Rosa

Catania, Sicilia

With classic tradition and open spaces. This is the atmosphere that one feels at Villa Rosa, an exclusive villa evoking the charm of elegant Sicilian dwellings from the past. This beautiful, huge villa – that has a modern architecture and interiors inspired by a classic taste – is really close to Trecastagni, an ancient town situated on the slope of the Mount Aetna. The dwelling has everything to offer for a quiet, relaxed stay: it is surrounded by a wide, very well kept English garden with flowers and Mediterranean plants, where stands out a wonderful, private swimming pool sheltered by a luxuriant vegetation. It is a perfect union in the open air of terraces with panoramic views, nature and comfortable, equipped spaces; after an invigorating bath in the swimming pool it is nice to find refreshment or idle about under the porch that is enveloped by the fragrances of the Sicilian countryside. The villa provides an excellent level of accommodation and service for large families or groups of friends, having wide, well proportioned rooms (seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms) that enable every guest to have privacy. Among elegant drawing-rooms, coordinated textiles, marble inlays and ancient furnishings that are well combined with the modern ones, time goes by between a reading and a light-hearted chat. And this balance of past and present is the proud and joy of Villa Rosa, where all fittings and decorations have been chosen with great care, both in the interior and in the outside area.

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